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    Rules and Regulations for the International Student Apartment Building in XYNU
    In order to maintain good orders for study and daily life and to ensure the personal security of international students and their belongings, the manager’s office expects all the residents to observe the following regulations:
    第一章  安全管理Section One: Regulations on Security
    1.不得损坏、拆卸、改装公寓楼内设备和线路。损坏或遗失公物要赔偿。It is not allowed to damage or to disassemble the facilities in your room. You should pay the full price for public facilities you damaged or lost.
    2.学生应增强安全意识,提高自我防范意识及自我管理能力,禁止在公寓内点蜡烛、生火、焚烧物品,禁止使用煤气炉、电炉等用具。如发现异常情况要及时上报公寓管理人员。人为造成安全防火设施损坏的,由当事人赔偿损失。Students should observe personal safety and the safety of others in the dormitory. Enhance self-protection awareness and self-management ability. Burning candles or other materials and the use of gas stoves,electric stoves or other cookers is prohibited. If a student encounters any situation of concern, he/she should report it to the dorm supervisor immediately. If smoke detectors or other fire safety devices are found to have been tampered with, the person responsible will be required to compensate for the damages.
    3.严禁燃放烟花爆竹,违者公安机关将处以100-500元人民币的罚款或拘留。It is not allowed to play the fireworks. Anyone who violates will result in a fine of 100-500 RMB or a detention by the Police Department of Xinyang City.
    4.公寓管理人员因工作需要进入房间应给予配合,不得拒绝。更不能私换、私装锁具。Residents should provide convenience when the dorm supervisors need to go into the rooms for the sake of routine check.
    5.学生在公寓要注意安全用电。禁止使用电炉、电热棒、电热水杯等电热用具。禁止在宿舍私拉、乱接电线,严禁损坏、破坏宿舍供电设施,严禁盗用公用电源。违反者将视情节轻重给予处分。因超功率用电而烧坏供电设施者,必须在赔偿损失后方可继续用电。Students should observe safe use of electricity in the dormitory. Electric stoves, water boiling coils, electric kettles, and other electric heating appliances are not permitted for dormitory use. Manually extending or intertwining electrical wires, tampering with electrical outlets and misuse of electrical sources is forbidden. Violators will be subject to disciplinary measures in accordance with the seriousness of the case. If a student damages an electrical connection through the use of a device more powerful than that which should be used, his/her electricity will not be restored until the damage is compensated.
    6.学生每人每年免费用电指标600度,以宿舍为统计单位,超量部分按学校有关规定由学生自付。学生可持校园卡前往27号宿舍楼值班室进行电量查询、充值。Students are provided with free electricity consumption of 600KWh per person per year, calculated by a dorm unit (i.e. a standard dorm is provided with 1200KWh per year with one electricity meter). Additional electricity used beyond these regulated amounts must be paid for individually. Students are allowed to inquire and top up their electric quantity by using student card in the Apartment Building Office on the first floor of No.27 Apartment Building.
    7.离开房间时请随手关闭空调等电器电源,节约用电。Turn off the power of air-conditioner and other appliances for safety and energy –saving when leaving the dormitory.
    第二章  住宿管理
    Section Two: Regulations on Living in the Dormitory
    1.本校师生员工进入公寓,应主动出示工作证、学生证或其它有效证件,以便公寓管理人员查验。来访人员经公寓管理人员同意,凭本人有效证件履行登记手续后方可进入内探访。探访完毕,被访者应在登记本上签字并注明探访者离开时间。无有效证件者,公寓管理人员有权拒绝其进入。All staff and students of XYNU entering the dormitory should present suitable identification. Only those approved by the person on duty may enter the dormitory. Students who receive visitors must sign the visitor’s name and exact time of arrival and departure in the registration book. The person on duty has the right to deny entrance to any person lacking acceptable identification.
    2.遵守学校的作息制度,不得晚归,节假日以调整后的作息时间为准。Observe the timetable for this building. You are not allowed to come back late. The timetable will be adjusted slightly during holidays.
    3. 住宿服从学校安排,不得私自迁移或强占房间。International students are required to stay in the assigned rooms. It is not allowed to change rooms or occupy others’ rooms without permission.
    4.凡已失去我校学生资格者,在规定的期限内离校,逾期学校不再提供住宿,有权处理室内遗留物品。Anyone who has lost the status as a student should leave school within the designated time. Any things left in the room after this designate time can be disposed of by the manager’s office.
    5.不得从事违反法律和校规的活动,所住房间不得私自转让、转租或留宿他人。Illegal activities are forbidden. You are not allowed to re-rent your room or let others stay in your room for the night.
    6.宿舍给每人配发物品包括:两床被子、两个被罩、一个床单、一个枕头、一个枕套、一床垫被,注意妥善保管,如损坏需照价赔偿,毕业离校后须归还学校。Items supplied for each student are as follows: two white quilt, two white quilt cover, one white bed sheet, one white pillow, one white pillowcase and one white mattress. All the items listed above should be taken care of and returned when you graduate. Items damages and losses should be paid for according to the original prices.
    第三章  秩序与卫生管理
    Section Three: Regulations on Order and Cleanliness
    1.保持公寓清洁,维护楼道畅通,不得在窗外悬挂、摆放物品或往窗外投弃物品,不得饲养宠物。Keep the room clean and tidy. Chairs in public places are not to be moved away. Graffiti or sticking things on the wall or the doors are prohibited. Pouring water out of the window or littering is not allowed. Keep the corridor and passage way unblocked. Pet raising is not allowed in the room.
    2.保持宿舍安静,不得在宿舍内从事影响他人学习与休息的活动,如跳舞、大声喧哗、高声放音乐等。不得在宿舍内进行赌博、酗酒、吸毒等违法活动。Keep quiet in your room. You are not allowed to disturb others. Dancing, speaking loudly and playing loud music are not allowed. Law-breaking activities such as excessive drinking, gambling, drug-addicting are strictly forbidden.
    3.共同维护公共环境卫生,主动参加宿舍公益劳动。保持冲凉房、厕所设施的完善和下水道畅通;禁止乱贴、乱写、乱倒、乱丢、乱吐。屡教不改者处将予以处分。Students should maintain a clean environment and keep taking good care of dorm facilities. Faucets and toilets should be kept in working order and drains kept unobstructed. Graffiti, littering, spitting, throwing things, and posting flyers outside of permitted locations is forbidden. Those who violate these rules will be subject to disciplinary measures.
    4.学生要搞好宿舍内务卫生,养成良好的卫生习惯。垃圾清扫后倒入垃圾桶内,保持室内及门前走廊的清洁卫生。认真配合、积极参与学校组织的卫生检查评比活动。Students should keep their living space and common areas clean. Rubbish should be placed in garbage cans, rooms and passageways should be kept tidy, and all students should be ready for cleanliness inspections held by the university.
    During holidays including summer and winter vacations, students who wish to travel or leave the dormitory for other purposes should report to the International Exchange and Cooperation Division prior to departure and should return on time.
    6.爱护公物、节约水电。如因本人使用不当造成设施损坏者,必须赔偿全部损失。雷雨期间不要使用电话,应关闭电源,拔下天线、插头。在公用厨房做饭时应安全使用炉具,必须按使用说明和有关规定操作。违反操作规定造成事故者,须赔偿损失,后果严重者,将受到处分,直至追究刑事责任。对于故意损坏宿舍设施者,将予以处分。Students should not be wasteful of electricity and water and should take care of dormitory materials. If dorm facilities are broken due to improper use, the person responsible must compensate for all damages. During thunderstorms students should turn off all telephones,computers and other electrical devices to avoid damage. Those who use the public kitchen should use all kitchen equipment properly. If equipment is broken due to improper use, the person responsible must compensate for all damages. Disciplinary action or even legal action may be taken if there are serious consequences due to the improper usage. Those who intentionally damage dormitory facilities will be subject to disciplinary measures.
    7.以上各项规定必须认真遵守,如有违反,将视情节轻重给予暂停或扣发奖学金的处罚。For a safe and pleasant stay in this building, please observe the above rules and regulations. Any one who violates them may result in a suspension or a cancellation of your scholarship depending on the seriousness.


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